How To Turn Your Homework Assignments Into A Game

Homework isn’t the best pastime. It is usually the last thing that students want to do after getting home from school, and it is almost impossible for them to settle down to study. If this is how you feel about your school assignments, try to change your approach. With some imagination, you may turn your burdensome chore into an interesting game. Take the following steps to succeed:

  • Make a list of all your assignments. Write down all your school tasks in the order they were assigned. For example, write “math” and jot down the corresponding assignment details in the space below.

  • Organize your homework in the order it should be done. The most effective strategy is to start with the most difficult assignments and leave the easiest ones for the last. By following this order, you will be able to allow the most productive time for accomplishing demanding tasks and a little bit of relaxing in the latter part of your work. Put all assignments in a pile: place the easiest ones at the top and the urgent and difficult ones at the bottom. The upper sheets will serve as a motivation to do the job as quickly as possible.

  • Prepare all necessary study materials and tools. These will be your textbooks, paper, writing utensils, a calculator, ruler, eraser, etc.

  • Create a scenario of your game. The plot of your imaginary game may be anything you like. Just pick any topic you are passionate about. For example, you may be a time traveler and go to the past or to the future. You may turn into a space explorer who gets acquainted with aliens. You may fight in a war or prepare for presidential elections.

  • Unite your game with your homework. Narrate your story in mind. As soon as you get to the culmination, stop and set to the first assignment. Try to complete it quickly and accurately.

  • Have a break. After an hour of tedious work, have a brief break. Do whatever you need to refresh your body and mind. For example, do a couple of exercises or have a snack.

  • Continue your game. Ten minutes later, return to your game. Go on inventing your story till the next culmination. Follow it with the next portion of your assignments. Continue your game till the very last task is completed.

  • Have a reward. Finish your story with a happy ending and reward yourself with something nice. You have had a great time doing your homework, haven’t you?