How I Coped With My Homework Last Holiday

Going to school often means dealing with tons of homework for me. Other students also spend hours studying almost every holiday. Fortunately, having good study habits and using some helpful tips will help every learner get out of trouble and complete all the assigned tasks in time.

How to Complete Homework Effectively

The following strategy includes 5 easy-to-do suggestions that have proven their effectiveness last holiday:

  1. Keep a notebook or calendar where you record everything that you have to work on.
  2. It’s a good idea to use a calendar on your smartphone where you will write down any assignments, tests, exams, and other upcoming events for the school. Make sure that you have set the due date for each task.

  3. Start with the hardest assignment.
  4. Compose a complete list of what you need to do, select the hardest task, and start with working on it. Then, work your way down until you complete the easiest task. So, you save your effort and study effectively.

  5. Avoid overdoing your homework.
  6. Surprisingly, many students do extra work even if they do not have much time for studying. You need only to do what is assigned, especially on holidays when you have other activities to be engaged in.

  7. Study in the morning.
  8. Usually, students grasp new concepts and solve complex problems easier in the morning when they are rested, so it’s reasonable to have a morning study session. Studying at night is not as effective because you are tired and sleepy.

  9. Set times.
  10. You need to use your time wisely by setting times and trying to complete everything fast. Some students plan their time using the Pomodoro technique, e.g. they plan 30-40 minute study sessions followed by 5-10 minute breaks.

How to Avoid Being Distracted from Your Studies

Many students report that they often fail to cope with their homework during the holidays because they have been distracted by their family members and friends. Moreover, students could not keep themselves motivated enough to complete the assignments. Luckily, there a few simple tips on how to stay focused no matter what.

First, gather everything that you might need for studying such as your class notes, textbooks, calculator, worksheets, etc. Second, tell everyone that you are busy: turn off social network notifications, close the door to your room, and do not pick up the phone. Third, put on headphones and listen to calm music. Fourth, use your computer only when you need it to finish your assignment or else you may easily get distracted.