Why Homework is Not Good: 10 Good Reasons

As a student, you are taught that completing homework is critical to school success. However, this is not always the case. Below, you will find 10 good reasons that homework is not always good for students. See if these sound familiar to your student.

#1: There is too Much

Having too many assignments becomes a problem, especially when they begin to stack up from every single class.

#2: Teachers are Responding to Pressure

Often, teachers add assignments as a result of pressure. They feel obligated to push students to succeed and pile on the work as a result, regardless of how detrimental it may be.

#3: Assignments take the Place of Studying

When students are completing their tasks for the evening, the last thing they want to do is study. This can lead to lower test scores, lower grades, and even more pressure to succeed.

#4: You Have a Heavy Class Load

Some students are taking extra classes and do not even have a study hall, let alone time to do assignments for every one of their classes.

#5: There are Many Tests

When students have to constantly be prepared for tests, assignments may be pushed to the side.

#6: There is No Time for Afterschool Activities

Afterschool activities help students learn skills, as well as provide them with extracurriculars that are considered by colleges. These may be sacrificed in order for students to finish their assignments for the evening.

#7: You are Balancing Other Obligations

Some students must participate in their sport or afterschool activity, go to a job, make time for a social life, and find time for homework. It is not realistic to expect every student to be able to juggle everything on their plates.

#8: It Increases Stress

Stress is not good for anyone, including students. If your homework load is too much it can cause significant stress, which can lead to trouble sleeping, anxiety, migraines, and other problems.

#9: Too Many Points Come from It

Some students do not have time to complete all of their homework. This becomes a problem with the large number of assignments are providing points toward your grade, and you have to make sacrifices in order to succeed.

#10: Teachers Can’t Help Students

When students struggle, they should be able to rely on teachers for help. When teachers assign too much homework, however, they cannot possibly keep up with the needs of their students.<.p>