Creative ideas to help you finish your homework faster

The biggest problem about homework is that it can take up so much of your free time especially when you feel that you need to chill out at the end of a long day in the classroom! Follow some of these creative ideas and you should soon be able to complete your work in less time.

Before you do anything else make sure that you have all of the details for the homework.

  • When does it need to be handed in? Make a note of this date in your diary.
  • Check that you understand what the task involves. Do you need to collect information? Do you need to draw on class notes that you have collated earlier?
  • The number of words that you need to use and the referencing format.
  • If you are not sure of anything, check with your Tutor/Professor before you start the work.

Make sure that you have a comfortable space that you can work in. If you work best with a bit of background music, make sure that is available.

Think like a Professional Writer.

Professional Writers work to a schedule. They may have 1 hour in which to write 400 words. Sometimes they can write a lot more in an hour and other times it may be a lot less. If you are overload and opt to buy assignment from a professional writer, you have to report all essential information concerning your homework requirements.

Sometimes they can sit at the lap-top and no words will come to mind. If they were writing in a note pad they would have ripped out several pages and thrown them on the floor.

At this stage it may be better to go and do something else, go for a walk, watch some TV, because the moment you relax, it is surprising how quickly the ideas for your written work will pop in your head.

Keep the deadline in mind, but be flexible. Remember that this is not an excuse to slack on your homework.

Think like a Planner.

Spend some time working out what you are going to do and when. If you are writing a persuasive essay, plan your arguments and counter arguments. Start by brain storming a few ideas. Make notes. Make a rough plan of how many words that you are devoting to each section.

You may consider having a project diary, so if you have to do any research you can add notes to the diary, which will save you time when you are writing citing other people’s work.

When planning, consider setting aside a little extra time at each stage, to allow for any difficulties that you may encounter or for proofreading.

Think like a Psychologist.

Think of what motivates you especially if you are tired or are doing a task you find challenging.

Do you need to schedule in some breaks or some snacks? Think of what could be your reward for completing the work. Sometimes the thought of completing the task and gaining a good mark is not enough.

Think of activities that you really like such as hanging out with your friends, planning a party or just going for a swim. The important thing here is to think of an appropriate reward and make sure that you claim it.

You have though about rewards, but make sure that you do not reward yourself if you do not stay on track and complete the task.

Think like a Teacher.

Keep the task in proportion. The tutor will not be asking you to do a piece of work that they think you cannot complete. There may be some challenges but you can do it!

Think about what your tutor was aiming for when they set this piece of work. What was the target? Was it to get you to do independent research; was it for you to demonstrate what you have learned in class or is it about preparation for the next lesson?

Did the tutor give a suggestion about the amount of time that you need to spend on this task? If not ask them. When you think you have competed the task, read though your work as if you were marking. Happy Home-working!

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